From Carolyn Rasberry Kimbrough:

My dear Jenny and Kenny…..How very much I love the two of you !!! There is no way to tell you how much I missed you today but you would have been so very proud… Greenwood Funeral did a wonderful job and I have to tell you that my precious friend, Gwen Pickett stayed with Mom until the burial was complete…What precious friends to have !!! The services of the business were well done and very professional. I so appreciated that ….. It was just initially hard for me to see Mom in her earthly shell but the next day after some adjustments it became easier. Her demised state was still disturbing but when I came to realize that that was exactly what it was it became so much more evident that she was no longer in transition but finally with her Lord and Savior it became what I knew was true and real was actually true and real. You two have picked a most difficult profession to devote your life to but you are learning to maintain that level of integrity that will set you above and apart and I am so very proud of you. Mom would have been so very proud to know that she was so well loved. Brother Jim’s remarks would have made you cry… Know how very much I love you and how very much you mean to my family and me…

Greenwood Funeral Home- Greenwood, MS
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